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Analyzing the possible merger of SSDI and OASI -- Part I

Many people in Newark, New Jersey, and in the rest of the United States are aware that both the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund and the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust fund are having financial difficulties. According to recent news reports, the SSDI trust fund may run out of funds by 2016. The OASI Trust Fund, on the other hand, is in slightly better shape, but even so, it may have no more funds by 2033.

New Jersey governor suggests changes to Social Security

Social Security and its survival is often the topic of many debates between New Jersey's governor and its residents. Many believe that Social Security benefits, including disability benefits, should be provided to everyone who needs them. Workers who can no longer hold gainful employment due to an injury believe that Social Security Disability benefits are a well-earned entitlement. However, the state's governor has a different opinion.

Injured vets eligible for Social Security disability benefits

Those who serve in the military make many sacrifices on behalf of their country. Whether they are on active duty or members of reserve or National Guard units, their schedules are dictated by their service responsibilities. Ever since the late 1950s, those who are actively deployed have been covered by Social Security and have been eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and can apply for them in case of service-related injury and disabilities. Those service personnel who served before 1957 were granted special credits.

Applying for Social Security disability online in New Jersey

If a New Jersey resident suffered an injury that caused a disability that may be either permanent or prolonged, state authorities may approve an application by the injured resident for Social Security disability benefits. In many cases, however, due to a paralyzing disability, it may be impossible for a Social Security disability benefits claimant to come to the requisite departmental offices to process an application.

Can New Jersey children obtain Social Security benefits?

New Jersey residents work hard to provide financial stability for their families. However, an unfortunate accident or injury resulting in disability or death can lead to financial difficulties for a worker and his or her children.

Are Americans biased against SSD benefit recipients?

The Social Security Disability Insurance Program has been in the news recently, but not for the best of reasons. As reports suggest, the SSDI fund is expected to be exhausted by late 2016 and that is a concern for many SSD benefits recipients and applicant. However, along with that, another concern that many applicants and recipients in New Jersey may have is whether other Americans who do not receive SSD benefits are biased against them because of their disability and the idea that they receive government benefits.

Understanding work requirements when applying for SSDI

We have previously written that in order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, you must have a sufficient work history in addition to having a disabling injury, illness or medical condition. While the disability standards are fairly well understood, the work-related standards are generally more complicated.

How we talk about disability can influence our thinking

In one of our posts last week, we wrote about Helen Keller’s advocacy for those living with disabilities. If Ms. Keller were alive today, she would likely be proud of how far America has come in its recognition of disability rights and the public accommodations now offered to allow more access and freedom for everyone regardless of physical ability.

Are your SSDI and SSI benefits protected from garnishment?

We have previously written that no one applies for Social Security Disability benefits reasonably expecting to strike it rich. Most Americans who qualify for and receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income live on a very fixed budget and often have difficulty making ends meet. They may even have significant debt.

Debunking the myth that SSD fraud is widespread

It is commonly understood that sensationalism sells. Whether one is trying to run a newspaper or a 24-hour news network, it is tempting to take actual news and blow it out of proportion in order to catch the audience’s interest. As such, sensational stories should be taken with a grain of salt.

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