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Analyzing the possible merger of SSDI and OASI -- Part I

Many people in Newark, New Jersey, and in the rest of the United States are aware that both the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund and the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust fund are having financial difficulties. According to recent news reports, the SSDI trust fund may run out of funds by 2016. The OASI Trust Fund, on the other hand, is in slightly better shape, but even so, it may have no more funds by 2033.

New Jersey governor suggests changes to Social Security

Social Security and its survival is often the topic of many debates between New Jersey's governor and its residents. Many believe that Social Security benefits, including disability benefits, should be provided to everyone who needs them. Workers who can no longer hold gainful employment due to an injury believe that Social Security Disability benefits are a well-earned entitlement. However, the state's governor has a different opinion.

How can a non-citizen obtain a Social Security number?

The state of New Jersey is home to immigrants from all over the world who make a living while residing in the United States. Many of these people may require financial support in the form of Social Security Retirement income, Social Security Disability income or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). An earlier blog post talked about SSI for non-citizens. However, before obtaining benefits a non-citizen, one must first obtain a Social Security number.

New Jersey SSD benefits generally can't be garnished by creditors

Newark, New Jersey, residents who receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits know that the money they receive each month is vital for day-to-day living expenses. However, when that income is subject to garnishment, meeting financial obligations can easily become very difficult. The federal government understands this problem and therefore, put measures in place to protect SSD benefits from garnishment.

Are Americans biased against SSD benefit recipients?

The Social Security Disability Insurance Program has been in the news recently, but not for the best of reasons. As reports suggest, the SSDI fund is expected to be exhausted by late 2016 and that is a concern for many SSD benefits recipients and applicant. However, along with that, another concern that many applicants and recipients in New Jersey may have is whether other Americans who do not receive SSD benefits are biased against them because of their disability and the idea that they receive government benefits.

What is the future of the SSD benefits program?

There are many people in New Jersey who receive payments from the Social Security Administration in the form of Social Security disability benefits. Many of those people may be aware that the Social Security Disability Insurance program has been facing financial difficulties for quite some time now. In fact, predictions suggest that the SSDI trust fund will be exhausted by the year 2016 if Congress does not take immediate corrective action.

A doubtful 2015 for Social Security Disability benefit recipients

As one year draws to an end and another begins, people hope that the coming year will be met with good health and success. However, there may be some worrisome news for the many people in New Jersey who are recipients of Social Security Disability benefits. As many residents are aware, the Social Security Administration is currently struggling with funds. The direct impact of the financial strain would be on the SSD benefits program and its millions of beneficiaries.

SSD benefits for divorced spouses in New Jersey

Going through a divorce is a modern-day reality for some New Jersey residents. Divorce is an emotionally draining experience that also comes with a unique set of financial challenges. One factor that is a major contributor to these financial challenges is Social Security Disability benefits. Thankfully, laws are in place to make it possible for a divorced spouse to claim SSD benefits based on the coverage of a former spouse.

Obama order allows Medicare, SSD benefits for illegal immigrants

The Obama administration recently made a critical executive decision that may be of special interest to the immigrant population of Newark, New Jersey. President Obama announced that if certain conditions are fulfilled, illegal immigrants who apply to work legally in United States would become eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits upon retirement. Eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits are also part of the package.

Some judges allowed disability claims that don't qualify

Residents of New Jersey may be aware that the number of Social Security claims filed each year is increasing because the population is aging. The huge number of claims results in a processing delay that is causing the state office to reject a claim at least once before it reaches an administrative judge's desk.

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