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What is the SSA's definition of cardiovascular impairment?

As many Newark, New Jersey, residents know, the Social Security Disability benefits program, run by the Social Security Administration, covers a number of illnesses. Among those, cardiovascular impairments are listed under Section 4.00 of the SSA's Blue Book. The SSA, however, has its own set of definitions for qualifying illnesses. To file a successful application and thereby receive benefits, it is important that an applicant has complete understanding of those definitions.

What are the SSA's Compassionate Allowances?

Many people in New Jersey rely on Social Security benefits for a number of reasons. Working Americans pay Social Security taxes through payroll deduction which in turn provides benefits the event of retirement, disability and illness. In return, the Social Security Administration is obligated to provide benefits to those individuals with health issues that meet the disability standards set by Social Security Administration.

We can help with Social security disability benefits for illness

Newark, New Jersey, residents would agree that sometimes an illness can be so severe that a person is unable to work. In such cases, that person can apply for Social Security Disability benefits for illnesses. Although many such persons are eligible for SSD benefits, their claims are denied because of lack of evidence that supports their disability. As a result, those people have to cope with financial and emotional challenges that are consequences of not being able to work.

Fibromyalgia and SSD: A complicated relationship

For as far as medical science has come, there are still many diseases about which little is known. It is understandable, then, that those who suffer from these conditions also feel the added burden of trying to explain their disease to others – including doctors in some cases.

How your specific disability may influence SSD application process

“Disability” is kind of a catch-all term describing injuries and illnesses on a wide spectrum of severity. Some physical disabilities that come about as a result of injuries may be permanent but won’t necessarily get worse over time. Conversely, disabilities related to serious illnesses are more likely to be progressive.

Study: Just over a third of fibromyalgia patients get SSD benefits

Some illnesses are fairly easy to diagnose, such as cancer. Depending on the type of cancer and where in the body it is located, doctors can often perform relatively non-invasive tests to confirm a diagnosis.

Could bone marrow transplant help treat Crohn's disease?

Many Newark residents struggling with Crohn's disease know that even doctors and researchers struggle to agree on a definition of the condition. Some focus on it as an inflammatory bowel disease, while others approach the incurable condition as an autoimmune disorder.

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