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Social Security Disability Archives

Is there any incentive to try to work when receiving SSD?

The Social Security Administration does offer several incentives that are aimed at encouraging individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits to find gainful employment. However, New Jersey residents who are currently receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration for qualifying illnesses or injuries are encouraged to speak with Social Security Disability benefits attorneys before they suspend their benefits to find jobs. Taking employment may pre-empt an individual from receiving certain support that they need and may delay their ability to begin receiving benefits again, if they are unable to continue their jobs.

Social Security Disability under pressure from proposed budget

The Social Security Administration manages a variety of different financial programs. Most people are familiar with the program that pays individuals during their years of retirement. Few are well versed in the rules surrounding a program that serves millions of Americans,each and every day: Social Security Disability Insurance.

Disability benefits possibly on chopping block

Newark residents may have heard that the Trump administration, in its budget proposal, intends to cut Social Security disability payments to workers by $72 billion over the next decade. The cuts are intended to lower the federal deficit without reducing Social Security retirement benefits.

Disabled workers, certain family members may qualify for benefits

A permanent disability can prevent a Newark resident from earning an income and providing for their family. As previously discussed on this New Jersey Social Security Disability law blog, individuals who suffer from qualifying injuries and illnesses, can receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. But, in some cases, so too may their spouses and kids.

How does a person's past work relate to disability benefits?

The Social Security Administration provides Social Security disability benefits for injuries or illnesses that prevent beneficiaries in Newark and nationwide from working. Federal rules do not allow a person to receive disability benefits unless an illness, injury or condition prevents them from doing past work or being able to adjust to other work when they have enough work credits.

Bill would end Social Security Administration student loan liens

Federal student loan programs have awesome powers to retrieve unpaid debt. In addition to garnishing tax refunds and wages, the government can also garnish Social Security disability benefits and retirement payments. This remedy has been a serious financial burden for beneficiaries in New Jersey and across the country.

How does a disability examination work?

Claimants seeking Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income may have to undergo a special medical examination to determine whether they have a disability. New Jersey's Division of Disability Determination Services reviews claims for SSD benefits and may request this examination to ensure that claimants are disabled.

Two Social Security Disability programs for two different needs

When many New Jersey residents think about Social Security, they imagine the federal program that pulls money out of their paychecks and holds it until retirement. However, there are two separate disability-based programs: Social Security supplemental income and Social Security disability insurance. These programs are available to those unable to work due to a qualifying medical condition.

Does the compassionate allowance SSD program work?

In theory, the Compassionate Allowances Program run through the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a good idea. The program is designed to provide those who are suffering from fatal illnesses or injuries with an expedited approval process, better ensuring these applicants to the Social Security benefits program receive the benefits they need in a timely matter.

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