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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

What are some complications of a brain injury?

Newark residents may think that brain injuries are relatively straight forward, affecting everyone the same. However, brain injuries can be incredibly complicated. The after effects of the injury vary, depending on what part of the brain was involved. These effects can be permanent. Take, for example, the complications that could occur based on what side of the brain was injured.

Repetitive stress injury and disability benefits

Many residents of New Jersey may have heard of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive motion disorder. In fact, these conditions are all examples of repetitive stress injuries. While these conditions carry with them serious symptoms, including pain and the sensation of tingling, they can at times be hard for the average New Jersey resident to appreciate simply because they develop slowly over a period of time.

What types of work-related injuries lead to disability claims?

A recent post on this blog discussed how work-related injuries can leave a New Jersey resident suffering from an inability to work and in need of extra income. Social Security disability benefits help many New Jersey residents who have work-related disabling conditions.

Helping injured people meet their living expenses

Last week's post discussed a recent case in which a New Jersey resident who was otherwise able and willing to work suddenly found himself injured. This type of story is all-too-common in Newark. While some people who get hurt at work may have the benefit of workers' compensation, any New Jersey resident knows that not everyone gets hurt while on the job.

Injuries at work can lead to need for Social Security benefits

Working in construction zones and working as a police officer both come with potential risks. In fact, according to findings from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average police officers are three times more likely than all other occupations to suffer a fatal injury while working. Of these fatal injuries, nearly one third of them take place on the roads. Thankfully, not all injuries are fatal, although some are serious and may lead to lengthy recovery time or debilitating injuries that affect one's ability to work.

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, an inability to work

Although the Newark area has been spoiled with unseasonably mild temperatures though the fall and as we approach winter, it is inevitable that temperatures will eventually drop below freezing and will lead to winter weather including snow, sleet, slush and ice. And with the harsh temperatures comes an increase in car accidents.

Winter is coming, and with it, the possibility of severe injury

Although we are in the middle of autumn, winter will be here in Newark before we know it. And with the winter season, many throughout the United States encounter freezing cold conditions, as well as severe weather such as sleet and snow. Bad weather increases the likelihood of injuries, whether it is a slip and fall or a car accident. In addition, the winter season brings with it an increase in winter recreational activities such as ice skating, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding, all of which could result in injury and an inability to work.

Suffer from low back pain and injury? You are not alone

Did you know that low back pain is the leading cause of job related disabilities and among the most common reasons why employees miss work? If you've experienced back pain, join the club, as studies show that approximately 80 percent of Americans have had low back pain at some point in their lives, and over 25 percent say that they have had back pain over the last three months. Newark residents may find the following information on back pain and injury useful.

You may need help when you claim SSD benefits a back injury

New Jersey residents who have sustained a back or spine injury, or those who have witnessed a loved one suffering from a back or spine injury, would understand how difficult life can become after that injury. For many people, even the most basic day-to-day tasks can turn into a huge challenge, let alone hold down a full-time job. The challenges are greater for those people who are unable to afford the necessary expenses for the long-term care that victims of spine or back injuries require.

Social Security disability benefits may cover birth injuries

A sad but true reality is that many children born in New Jersey are injured at the time of their birth. The reasons for those injuries are varied and parents may seek recourse accordingly. However, despite any or all recourse, children injured at birth often face various challenges for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration acknowledges the gravity of birth injuries and offers benefits to children who pass the eligibility criteria.

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