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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses Archives

Prostate cancer screening can save lives, research says

Cancer is a serious disease, but in general the earlier it is caught, the better a person's prognosis will be. When it comes to prostate cancer, however, there has been much confusion about screening, as guidelines and recommendations on this topic have gone back and forth from one thing to another. However, according to data found in the Annals of Internal Medicine, prostate cancer screening does save lives, leading to a 32 percent downturn in fatalities due to the disease when compared to those who do not go through prostate cancer screening.

Signs and symptoms of Lupus

Lupus is a serious and debilitating autoimmune disease that could seriously affect an Americans ability to do work, including residents in and near the Newark, New Jersey, area. The condition typically affects people at a younger age around one's teenage years to the early 30's, with symptoms covering a wide range of disabilities and issues for the victim. Early symptoms could include but are not limited to fever, hair loss, rashes, kidney issues, pulmonary problems, swollen joints and gastrointestinal issues, thyroid issues and fatigue.

Assistance for Social Security Disability benefits applications

Having your life upended by a serious illness is an extremely stressful and difficult situation. Between worrying about your health, the wellbeing of your family, and desperately trying to keep a positive mental attitude, there are many different elements that can take their toll. However, these types of situations can be magnified even more when you're left unable to work due to the illness.

Liver cancer claims the life of rock and roll legend, David Bowie

The recent passing of rock and roll icon David Bowie due to liver cancer came as a shock to the world last week. His influence and impact to fans throughout the world was clearly evident in the countless articles and discussions on both social media as well as traditional media outlets. Bowie kept his illness and condition private from everyone except his closest friends and family. Although speculations about his health had been discussed in the recent past, his passing came as a shock to most. So what is liver cancer and how does it affect its victim?

Understanding Parkinson's Disease

Most Americans are familiar with beloved actor Michael J. Fox, star of the television show "Family Ties" and many movies including the "Back to the Future" trilogy. It is also known by many that he suffers from Parkinson's Disease. Fox has gone on to found the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, which has raised over $450 million dollars since its launch in 2000. But what is Parkinson's disease, and how does it affect a person?

Understanding the risks and symptoms of heart disease

The Social Security Administration's Social Security Disability Insurance program, or SSDI, provides financial relief to Americans suffering from illnesses, injuries and mental conditions that prohibit them from seeking gainful employment. Among one of the more serious illnesses suffered by people in New Jersey and elsewhere around the country is heart disease, which is covered by the SSDI program.

What to do if my Social Security Disability claim has been denied

Many claims filed with the Social Security Administration for disabling conditions are initially denied. Following a denial, the first step should be recognizing why the claim was denied, and determining whether your case should be accepted.

Understanding the SSD benefits appeals process

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program or Supplemental Security Income program and have been denied, do not lose all hope; there is an appeals process that may help you get benefits. In fact, the Social Security Administration denies many applicants their first time around. Yet, despite the many denials, millions of Americans, including many in the Newark area, have been able to get approval and now get the benefits that they need from the program.

Did you know you may qualify for SSDI for your mental condition?

For workers who are injured or ill for at least one year or are not expected to live due to the injury or illness, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has Social Security Disability benefits to help with financial needs of the disabled. There are two forms of aid available, Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income, or SSI.

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