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Is there any incentive to try to work when receiving SSD?

The Social Security Administration does offer several incentives that are aimed at encouraging individuals who receive Social Security Disability benefits to find gainful employment. However, New Jersey residents who are currently receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration for qualifying illnesses or injuries are encouraged to speak with Social Security Disability benefits attorneys before they suspend their benefits to find jobs. Taking employment may pre-empt an individual from receiving certain support that they need and may delay their ability to begin receiving benefits again, if they are unable to continue their jobs.

One of the incentives that the Social Security Administration offers is a trial work period. The trial work period can last for up to nine months, and during that time, the individual may continue to receive their disability benefits, as long as they are still disabled. There are reporting and earnings requirements attached to this incentive that individuals should be aware of before they begin working.

Additionally, if a person is able to work beyond the nine-month trial period mentioned above, they may continue to receive disability benefits for up to three years, as long as their income from their work stays under a set threshold. The continuation of a person's benefits during this phase may be based on their existing Social Security Disability benefits application and the individual may not have to apply additional information.

Getting back to work can be a huge milestone in the life of a person who suffers from a disability. It can also, however, affect the person's rights to receive certain benefits from the Social Security Administration. Readers who require more information on this complex topic are asked to discuss their questions with their attorneys, as this post should not be used as legal guidance.

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