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Does the compassionate allowance SSD program work?

In theory, the Compassionate Allowances Program run through the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a good idea. The program is designed to provide those who are suffering from fatal illnesses or injuries with an expedited approval process, better ensuring these applicants to the Social Security benefits program receive the benefits they need in a timely matter.

Unfortunately, the reality of the program may fall short of its intended efforts.

Case in point: Applicants waiting too long for benefits

Story after story shares the tragic consequences that can result when an applicant has to wait too long to receive needed benefits. Applicants with ovarian or pancreatic cancer, with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or leukemia - patients that clearly suffer from medical conditions so severe that they obviously meet the disability standards needed to receive benefits.

Without these benefits, applicants may struggle to make mortgage payments, to purchase groceries and handle all other daily living expenses.

Statistics: Data on the number of applicants approved to the Compassionate Allowances Program

Unfortunately delays in benefits happen all too frequently. Based on data from an SSA audit that reviewed both the Compassionate Allowance and Quick Disability Determination Programs, "25 percent of allowed claimants" died within three months of their application. This statistic highlights the severity of these ailments and the need from prompt approval.

Reality: Steps can be taken to increase the chances of approval

Those who are battling serious illnesses can better ensure their applications for benefits are approved in a prompt manner by seeking legal counsel. Even when suffering an illness that clearly meets the requirements for approval in this program, an attorney can help. An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can aid in putting together a successful application, better ensuring you receive the benefits your are entitled in a timely manner.

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