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Does my anxiety qualify me for disability benefits?

Anxiety and depression are debilitating mental conditions that a number of New Jersey residents must battle every day. Overcoming the hardships of these disorders can be overwhelming and limit the types of jobs a person can even hold down. In severe cases of these and other mental illnesses and conditions, individuals may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

As with other types of disabilities that can qualify individuals for disability benefits, mental illnesses and conditions, like anxiety and depression, must meet certain criteria. For example, the diagnoses on which such claims are made must be supported with evidence that the applicant can provide to the Social Security Administration for review. Unfounded or undiagnosed mental conditions generally may not serve as bases for disability benefits.

Additionally, applicants for disability benefits who claim mental conditions must submit to evaluations regarding how their conditions inhibit their lives. They may have their memories and comprehension tested, and they may be subjected to situations they could face in a workplace to evaluate how they might function. They will be classified into categories of impairment and evaluated, if they can function independently at work or if they may need support to do their jobs.

Finally, mental conditions that form the bases of disability claims must be persistent and long lasting, generally, enduring for at least two years before they will be considered eligible for Social Security support. Readers of this post are encouraged to discuss their benefits options with Social Security Disability attorneys before the tolling of two years after a diagnosis to prepare for the process and understand their rights with regard to pursuing the support they need to live with their mental illnesses and conditions.

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