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Disabled workers, certain family members may qualify for benefits

A permanent disability can prevent a Newark resident from earning an income and providing for their family. As previously discussed on this New Jersey Social Security Disability law blog, individuals who suffer from qualifying injuries and illnesses, can receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. But, in some cases, so too may their spouses and kids.

This post will generally discuss the requirements that a spouse or child must meet to receive benefits under a disabled worker's application, but readers are asked to speak with Social Security Disability law attorneys about their specific cases.

A spouse may also receive disability benefits if their partner possesses a qualifying disability under three scenarios. First, a spouse may be a benefit recipient if they are the parent to a child who is under the age of 16. The second scenario also focuses on the spouse's role as a parent, but qualifies that individual if they are the care provider for a child who also suffers from a disability. The third manner in which a spouse may qualify for benefits is if they are at least 62-years-old.

A child may receive disability benefits under a disabled parent's application in three different ways. The child may receive benefits if they are a minor (not yet 18), disabled and the disability was inflicted prior to the child turning 22 years old or under the age of 19 and still in high school.

Disability benefits exist to provide individuals with the financial capacity to live their lives, despite their injuries and illnesses. In some cases, their qualifying diagnoses may also provide their loved ones with a chance to receive benefits and help their entire families improve their lives.

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