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When beginning the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits some New Jersey residents may be surprised to learn that there are actually two programs through which they may be able to secure financial support. For those who have paid into the Social Security Administration's system, Social Security disability insurance may be available to provide the individual with monthly payments. For those whose disabilities keep them out of work and who live in poverty, Social Security Supplemental Income may provide qualified applicants with financial support on which they may afford their basic needs.

Learning to live with a disability can be an incredible challenge for a person and once they find out that they will not be able to return to work their chances of remaining financially afloat may significantly diminish. These two Social Security programs exist in order to make financial solvency possible for disabled Americans, though the rules and regulations that govern their operations can leave some wondering how they might ever get through the application processes.

Abromson & Carey, attorneys at law, are committed to supporting their clients as they apply for Social Security disability benefits. Their disability law firm represents individuals who are new to the disability benefits application process as well as those who have received letters of denial from the Social Security Administration regarding their benefits requests.

Conveniently located in Newark, Abromson & Carey dedicates its practice to helping individuals who suffer from serious mental and physical disabilities get back on their feet and working toward financial security. To contact the firm or to learn more about its lawyers or practice, readers are invited to visit it online through its SSD benefits web page.

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