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April 2017 Archives

SSI follows rise in childhood mental disorders

The Social Security Administration has paid benefits to children in low-income families in Newark and across the nation through its Supplemental Security Income program for over 40 years. Approximately half of the 1.3 million children receiving SSI benefits in 2013 were eligible for benefits because of a disabling mental disorder.

Your rights when applying for Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides financial support to Newark, New Jersey, residents who require income to meet their needs. Individuals who wish to receive SSI must apply for it, though, during the application and review processes, individuals have rights that can make it easier for them to stay involved in the evaluation.

Social Security Administration changed disability rules

The Social Security Administration issued federal regulations that change its evaluation of medical evidence needed for Social Security disability benefits, which may affect Newark residents. Taking effect on March 27, the rules impose more stringent evidence requirements for proceedings.

How is medical information submitted for SSD benefits?

New Jersey's Division of Disability Determination Services determines whether a claimant meets the definition of disability to receive Social Security disability benefits. Under the law, a claimant must meet medical requirements for SSD benefits eligibility.

What is the appeals process if disability benefits are cut off?

After sustaining an injury, a Newark resident may find that they are unable to return to work. If their recovery time is expected to be short, they may be able to secure some temporary form of financial support. If their inability to work will endure for at least a year, though, they may wish to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

We work with those applying for SSD benefits

When beginning the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits some New Jersey residents may be surprised to learn that there are actually two programs through which they may be able to secure financial support. For those who have paid into the Social Security Administration's system, Social Security disability insurance may be available to provide the individual with monthly payments. For those whose disabilities keep them out of work and who live in poverty, Social Security Supplemental Income may provide qualified applicants with financial support on which they may afford their basic needs.

Social Security disability rules in flux, but attorneys can help

Seeking and receiving Social Security disability benefits have changed for claimants in New Jersey and throughout the nation. Tougher standards may have lowered the number of beneficiaries receiving disability payments to approximately 8.8 million which is the lowest number in almost five years.

What SSI benefits may children receive?

Beneficiaries in New Jersey receive monthly Supplemental Security Income benefits when they have low income and limited resources and are at least 65, or who have a disability or blindness. Children under 18 may also receive SSI benefits if they have a mental ailment, a physical ailment or both that meet the legal definition of a childhood disability and their income and resources do not exceed certain levels set by the Social Security Administration (SSA.)

Disability benefits claim for mental illness can be hard to prove

Newark residents may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits or Social Security Supplemental Income if injuries or illnesses prevent them from holding down employment. The process of obtaining these benefits is arduous, though, and in many instances applicants for such benefits must provide extensive evidence regarding their ailments before they may be approved. When individuals base their claims for benefits or supplemental income on mental conditions or illnesses the challenges of providing proof can be even more significant.

SSD bill would require return to work for some

Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries in New Jersey may not be able to keep their monthly subsistence payments for life or for the long-term under a proposed bill in Congress. The proposed Return to Work Act of 2017 would impose specific term limits on SSD benefits for beneficiaries that were assessed as being able to recover and return to work.

SSI: the duties of a Social Security representative payee

An individual or organization in New Jersey may receive Supplemental Security Income on behalf of recipient who cannot handle their own funds and business affairs because they are a minor or have an incapacity. A representative payee (rep payee) must undergo an interview and approval process.

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