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The common types of construction injuries

Any construction worker in the Newark, New Jersey, area knows that his or her job is dangerous and carries a lot of risks that other occupations simply do not have. Indeed, a New Jersey construction worker always has to deal with the possibility that he or she will suffer a work-related injury that ultimately leaves him or her disabled and unable to make a living.

About a quarter of all construction injuriesare connected with a worker's falling from a high place. In addition to often working on scaffolding enclosing tall buildings, workers also do their jobs on cranes and the tops of buildings, as well as ladders and other high places. A simple misstep in any one of these environments can leave a worker with a serious injury.

Sometimes, it is not the construction worker herself who falls but rather a large, heavy object above her head. Although it is always a good practice to make sure tools and other objects are secure for the safety of those working below, sometimes a tool or heavy item will tumble, potentially leaving whomever it hits as it falls seriously injured.

Other common one-time accidents involve construction equipment. For instance, it is very easy to get overlooked by the operator of a vehicle or piece of equipment and get run over or pinned against another object. Fires and collapses of buildings or other structures are also more common at a construction site.

Whatever the cause of the injury, an injured New Jersey construction worker should remember that, in addition to workers' compensation benefits, assistance via a Social Security disability claim may be available. This financial assistance can prove to be invaluable for a worker who is trying to recover from an injury long term but needs to replace his lost income in the meantime.

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