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March 2017 Archives

Does workers' comp and other payments affect SSDI?

Recipients of Social Security disability benefits for injury may also be eligible for New Jersey workers' compensation or other public disability benefits for any injuries that they suffered. However, these programs could reduce an individual's Social Security disability benefits.

Social Security disability claim approval dropping

The news for New Jersey claimants for Social Security disability benefits is discouraging. For the first time in 30 years, in 2016 the number of persons receiving these benefits dropped from the previous year. The Social Security Administration is also issuing new federal regulations that may make it more difficult to become eligible for SSD benefits.

What is the compassionate allowances program?

The Social Security Administration's Compassionate Allowances program expedites the identification of diseases and medical conditions for awarding Social Security Disability benefits. It identifies medical conditions that are so severe that they obviously meet the SSA's definition of a disability. Eligible applicants under this program may receive Social Security Disability benefits for illness and injury in a shorter time than other recipients.

What is SSI?

Supplemental Security Income provides monthly payments to individuals over the age of 65 years-old and who are blind or have a disability. Children with a disability or blindness and whose parents have little income may also receive SSI under certain circumstances.

Social Security Disability and fibromyalgia: Three questions answered.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are available for a number of diseases and disorders. Those who receive a recent diagnosis may wonder if their disease or disorder qualifies for these benefits. Many do and can receive financial assistance while they are unable to work.

Appealing Social Security denials

Denial of Social Security Disability benefits may be catastrophic to applicants and their families. Fortunately, applicants possess rights to appeal a denial of SSD benefits. The Social Security Administration must inform applicants by mail of any denial. Appeals must be written and received by the SSA within 60 days.

Taxing SSD benefits

Social Security recipients should not assume that Social Security Disability benefits are tax exempt. Factors such as income from other sources and filing status can impact federal tax liability. Calculating tax liability can help lower or eliminate potential taxes on Social Security benefits. When benefits are taxable, withholding is allowed from a taxpayer's benefit package or periodic estimated payments may be made to the IRS, such as quarterly payment of self-employment taxes.

Rare diseases may qualify for SSDI benefits

The Social Security disability insurance program was designed to assist recipients with disabilities. Persons that were diagnosed with a rare disease who are unable to work or perform daily tasks may be entitled to these SSD benefits.

The common types of construction injuries

Any construction worker in the Newark, New Jersey, area knows that his or her job is dangerous and carries a lot of risks that other occupations simply do not have. Indeed, a New Jersey construction worker always has to deal with the possibility that he or she will suffer a work-related injury that ultimately leaves him or her disabled and unable to make a living.

Social Security Disability Benefits and rare diseases: 2 tips

Those who are diagnosed with a rare disease may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. Anyone who is facing such a diagnosis and is no longer able to continue working may qualify. As such, it is wise to have a basic understanding of how the Social Security Disability application process works to help determine if you should apply for benefits.

How much property can one own and still receive SSI benefits?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, residents of Newark, New Jersey, who have a limited work history may still be able to collect disability payments from the Social Security Administration (SSA) by applying for SSI benefits. Supplemental security income, or SSI, does not require a New Jersey resident to have a documented work history in which he or she paid Social Security tax.

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