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Newark residents with mental illnesses have options

Residents of Newark, New Jersey, who are dealing with bipolar, depression, schizophrenia or some other type of mental illness, should first know that they are not alone. Mental health issues are the main reason people between 15 and 44 wind up disabled and unable to work long term.

Moreover, a major agency with expertise in mental health has reported that as many as one-fourth the adult population has a mental illness. Although many people can and do continue to work, despite being diagnosed and treated for a mental illness, in many other cases, the condition is simply too severe for a person to continue working.

In this situation, one option is to pursue Social Security Disability benefits. As with any other Social Security claim, a person needs to produce medical evidence, such as a psychological evaluation, documenting that his or her mental illness keeps him or her from being able to work.

Navigating the Social Security system is often a complicated process that can confuse someone or cause unwanted and unhelpful anxiety. This is one reason our law office dedicates itself to helping New Jersey victims of mental illness to pursue their disability claims.

In addition to getting benefits through Social Security, some New Jersey residents may also have access to additional help through a private disability plan or employer-sponsored coverage. While criteria might be different for getting private benefits, there are still important deadlines to meet and important documents and information to obtain. Therefore, legal assistance from a skilled New Jersey disability attorney is still strongly recommended and could prove to be an invaluable resource.

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