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Common schizophrenia misconceptions

While schizophrenia is a serious mental condition that requires treatment, there are several myths and misconceptions floating about both in Newark, New Jersey. Although popular culture often portrays people with this disorder as odd and erratic, it is a somewhat common condition. In fact, about one in a hundred Americans suffer from the condition to some degree.

It is also important to distinguish schizophrenia from having multiple personalities, which is a separate mental health issue altogether. And, having multiple personalities is not a symptom of schizophrenia. The word "schizophrenia" implies a "spilt" or "schism" in a person's ability to think and express emotions, but not in a person's core personality.

Furthermore, someone with schizophrenia may manifest a variety of symptoms and not just frequent hallucinations or delusional thinking. Someone with schizophrenia also will show emotional lethargy and be unlikely to fit in well in social situations. And, it may be difficult for them to concentrate.

While some people with schizophrenia do risky or anti-social things, most do not. Generally, it would be difficult for an average person to tell right away that one has schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is treatable and does not always require inpatient mental health care. With luck, a person suffering from this disorder can go on with his or her life in a relatively normal fashion. However, the condition can be debilitating and prevent a person from being able to work. In such cases, mental illness coverage may be available through the Social Security Administration. Consulting an attorney experienced in Social Security matters can help in navigating the process.

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