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The symptoms and causes of liver disease

The liver is a vital organ in the body that, among other functions, aids in digestion. When the liver is not working properly due to liver disease, a New Jersey resident will possibly feel ill and even unable to get out of his or her home, much less go to work. Unfortunately, liver disease often results in a person's death.

People may have heard that those experiencing liver problems will have a yellow tint to both their eyes and their skin. This phenomenon is called "jaundice," and it should be taken seriously by those experiencing it persistently. Other symptoms include an itching sensation, unusually dark urine or bloody stool, and constant tiredness. Itching all over and swelling in the abdomen are also among the symptoms of liver disease.

There are many causes of liver dysfunction. Although it is commonly known that alcohol abuse can lead to scarring of the liver, one should not assume that a person who does have liver problems brought it upon himself. For instance, various types of hepatitis infections can damage the liver. In some cases, hereditary factors or a problem with the immune system can lead to advanced liver disease. Of course, when there is a problem with the liver, one should always rule out liver cancer as the cause.

Many liver diseases are potentially disabling conditions, particularly in their advanced stages. Although it is ideal that people not get liver disease, when they do, it is of some comfort that disability benefits may be available to them in order to assist them with their financial needs.

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