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Symptoms of severe traumatic brain injury

Many Newark residents know that the most severe brain injuries either are fatal or leave a person permanently comatose and unable to care for herself. However, a person can still experience a severe traumatic brain injury without falling in to a long-term coma. These sever injuries are often debilitating and may qualify a person who suffers from them for Social Security Disability benefits.

Someone who has suffered a moderate brain injury need only lose consciousness for 20 minutes, although a "severe" injury requires a loss of consciousness for at least 6 hours. The person must show certain signs and symptoms of comatose behavior. Whether a blow or other trauma to the head is ultimately "severe" depends on a number of factors, but needless to say, severe brain injuries can occur in a variety of circumstances, including at work or while driving or riding a bicycle.

The symptoms of a severe brain injury vary, but any one of them could put a person permanently out of work. With respect to speech, for example, a person may exhibit stroke-like symptoms, not being able either to speak coherently or understand the spoken word. Reading and writing can become difficult or even impossible.

Other symptoms can include an inability to process raw sensory data, leading to coordination and social problems. A severe brain injury can also cause vision problems up to and including blindness, as well as a loss of hearing or other basic senses.

A victim can also experience paralysis or, if he or she is lucky, spasms. Chronic pain, loss of appetite and sleeping problems are other issues. Emotionally, a victim may struggle with chronic depression or have trouble controlling his anger or other emotions.

Many of the symptoms of severe brain injuries are life altering and are likely to put a person out of the workforce long-term. When a Newark these sorts of injuries, he or she may need extra income which is available through the Social Security Disability program.

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