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Social Security Disability benefits for cancer

No one in Newark, New Jersey, ever wants to get a diagnosis of cancer. Even if the type of cancer a person has is treatable, the disease still can spell extensive medical treatment and, usually, a lot of time away from work.

As with many other types of significant illness, those New Jersey residents who are suffering from cancer may be able to obtain Social Security Disability benefits through one of the programs administered by the Social Security Administration.

For those cancer patients who have accumulated a work history, either as an employee or by taxable self-employment, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) may be available to them without regard to their current income and assets. However, these patients should recognize they still will have to prove that their cancer is a "disability," and proving a disability requires more than simply showing that a person has a serious medical condition. Those who do not have a significant work history, and thus might not qualify for SSDI, Supplemental Security Income may be available to them.

As a couple of notes of caution, cancer patients who apply for disability need to be aware that they will in all likelihood not start seeing a paycheck right away, or even for several months. The application and appeal process takes time and will not move more quickly simply because someone has bills they need to pay promptly.

Furthermore, a cancer patient who applies for disability needs to be aware of how the additional disability income might affect their eligibility for other important benefits, particularly government-funded health insurance. For a cancer patient, protecting one's health coverage may be more important than the monthly disability check.

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