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Helping New Jersey cancer patients get disability aid

Recent posts on this blog have discussed how Social Security Disability benefits are available to cancer patients in Newark, New Jersey. However, as surprising is it might seem, a Newark cannot automatically expect to get disability simply because he or she has cancer. Certain legal requirements must still be met, and certain limitations will apply.

The attorneys and staff at our law office, however, have experience with helping New Jersey cancer patients get the disability benefits they may well need in order to maintain their livelihoods while getting treating for their disease.

For starters, given our 27 years' experience representing disabled New Jersey residents, we understand the disability system and how it interacts with other government aid a cancer patient might need, and we can advise our clients on the best course of action in the event there is a conflict between benefits, like in the case where a person's drawing disability could affect government-funded health care.

Assuming disability is the best option, we try our best to unload of much of the application process from the backs of our ill clients as much as possible so that they can work hard on getting better. Specifically, we will work hard at developing our clients' medical histories so that the Social Security Administration understands fully our clients' situation. Moreover, we will investigation and compile a case to demonstrate our client with cancer is not able to work and will not be able to work in the foreseeable future.

Although we cannot promise a favorable result in every case, we are willing to take on disability claims from the initial application to the appeal so that our clients hopefully receive benefits to which they are entitled and receive them promptly.

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