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January 2017 Archives

Symptoms of severe traumatic brain injury

Many Newark residents know that the most severe brain injuries either are fatal or leave a person permanently comatose and unable to care for herself. However, a person can still experience a severe traumatic brain injury without falling in to a long-term coma. These sever injuries are often debilitating and may qualify a person who suffers from them for Social Security Disability benefits.

We represent people with all types of liver disease

A recent post on this blog talked about the different types of liver disease and the causes of those various conditions. The main takeaway from that discussion was that liver disease is potentially debilitating for New Jersey residents. And, many, in fact, suffer from liver conditions that keep them out of work.

The symptoms and causes of liver disease

The liver is a vital organ in the body that, among other functions, aids in digestion. When the liver is not working properly due to liver disease, a New Jersey resident will possibly feel ill and even unable to get out of his or her home, much less go to work. Unfortunately, liver disease often results in a person's death.

Longer lines, less outreach for Social Security Administration

An ongoing budget squeeze means the Social Security Administration will be cutting back, or not expanding, some of the services it once provided. Some of these budget measures may have a direct impact on Newark, New Jersey, residents who are receiving SSI benefits or SSDI benefits.

Social Security Disability and diabetes: Two important facts

Many people with diabetes are able to manage the disease, while others struggle. Those who struggle with uncontrolled diabetes may have a number of questions. Two questions that commonly come up include:

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a potentially disabling condition

With the economy in Newark, New Jersey, and elsewhere in the country shifting to a service orientation, more and more residents may find themselves having to file for Social Security benefits related to disabling conditions that emerge in a white-collar environment.

Helping New Jersey cancer patients get disability aid

Recent posts on this blog have discussed how Social Security Disability benefits are available to cancer patients in Newark, New Jersey. However, as surprising is it might seem, a Newark cannot automatically expect to get disability simply because he or she has cancer. Certain legal requirements must still be met, and certain limitations will apply.

Social security is available to those suffering from a mental illness

Recent statistics show that the leading cause of disability in the United States is mental disorders. Whatever the mental disorder may be, these are all serious illnesses that need to be treated. It is important to remember that there is assistance available to those who are suffering.

Is short term disability available for cancer patients?

As a recent post discussed, in general, Social Security Disability benefits are available to residents of Newark, New Jersey, who are cancer patients. While many types of cancer will render a person permanently unable to work, other types of cancer are treatable but require a person to go through a lot of time-consuming and painful medical processes.

Social Security Disability benefits for cancer

No one in Newark, New Jersey, ever wants to get a diagnosis of cancer. Even if the type of cancer a person has is treatable, the disease still can spell extensive medical treatment and, usually, a lot of time away from work.

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