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Many New Jersey residents, especially those who have worked physically demanding jobs, may have one of several types of back injuries that make it difficult or impossible to stay in the work force. These residents may require financial support to cover some of their lost wages simply so they can feed themselves and otherwise make ends meet.

Contrary to the popular rumor that people might be able to get disability for having a "bad back," there are in fact several concrete, medically defined injuries that can leave a person in severe pain and with limited range of motion. Aside from fractures of the vertebrae, a back injury can include pinched nerves or "herniated" disks that either slip or bulge can be debilitating. Of course, a spinal cord injury potentially leaves its victim paralyzed.

The problem with back injuries is that not all of them are easy to detect. However, our legal team has years of experience representing New Jersey victims of back injuries; from that experience, we have learned how to use medical technology in order to identify a back injury that, in former days, would have been hard to pinpoint.

Of course, getting the proper medical documentation is just one step in a back injury disability claim. We also will make sure that the decision maker is aware of how the injury limits your daily life and activities and, specifically, prevents you from working. Although we cannot always guarantee that a disability claim will be accepted, particularly at the outset, we are also experienced with appeals and are willing to pursue them in order to get the compensation our clients need and deserve.

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