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Student loan forgiveness benefit of SSD

In and of themselves, the benefits offered to sick or injured Newark, New Jersey, residents via the Social Security Disability programs can be a lifeline for those who need the extra income to support themselves while they are unable to work. However, in addition to the SSD benefits themselves, a finding of disability can provide other opportunities to New Jersey who, through no fault of their own, cannot gainfully support themselves.

One of these side benefits is that a person who has been determined "disabled" and is drawing disability benefits can apply for a total and permanent disability discharge from most outstanding student loan debts. With many people strapped with thousands of college debt, this benefit can be a lifesaver and further help a disabled person stay afloat financially.

The process is not the same as filing for a bankruptcy and is run through an organization contracted by the Department of Education. A person interested in getting this form of loan discharge need only submit and application and show an award letter proving the person is indeed disabled. The only obvious catch is that the award letter must also indicate the Social Security Administration has no plans to review the case for at least five and up to seven years.

Upon approval of an application, the person granted the discharge will be subject to three years of monitoring and have to meet certain requirements during that time. An applicant should think of this as a probationary period in which the loan can be reinstated.

Of course, the key to this type of loan forgiveness, as well as getting SSD benefits in the first place, is showing the Administration that one indeed has a qualifying disability. While in some cases doing so is easier than in other cases, proving a disability oftentimes is a difficult and complicated task for which people find the services of an experienced disability attorney helpful.

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