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How we help Newark residents with disability appeals

As has been stated in several previous posts on this blog, many people in Newark, New Jersey, with disability have probably been denied social security at least once, even if they in actuality have a good claim for benefits. These people may not now exactly how to proceed after an adverse decision and thus simply do nothing or try to file another application.

While this may be the right course of action in some cases, in many others, an appeal is a better option. In this respect, our law offices have spent well over 25 years helping Social Security applicants appeal unfavorable decisions.

Although New Jersey residents who know a little about the disability process may think of an appeal as a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge with expertise in Social Security, many times even these hearings do not end with a good outcome for a disabled person. However, that person's options do not end with the Administrative Law Judge. They can ask the Social Security Administration's Appeals Council for further review.

Should that option fail, they may sue in federal court. As a word of caution, however, the federal court will not allow a completely new trial. The court will instead review the records and evidence collected to that point and grant or deny benefits. The court may also send the case back either to the Appeals Council or the Administrative Law Judge for further work.

In each one of these legal steps, important things must happen. A person wanting to appeal must, for instance, be certain he or she complies with the deadlines for doing so. Moreover, any appeal needs to be written according to the rules of the court or Administration, as the case may be, and also by necessity should aim to legally persuade the decision-maker to award benefits. An experienced attorney may be an important resource who can make sure the necessary steps in an appeal are taken and taken well.

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