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December 2016 Archives

IRS declines to fix student loan tax problem

On the heels of a recent post on this blog discussing how recipients of disability payments from the Social Security Administration can get their student loans forgiven, some sources claim that at a recent meeting, the Department of the Treasury, which controls the Internal Revenue Service, indicated that it had no intentions of changing its policy to collect taxes on all forgiven student loan debt, including that owed by disabled New Jersey residents.

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

Many New Jersey residents, including veterans who have been in combat, may experience post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Although originally connected with traumatic combat experiences, PTSD can in fact affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event in their lives, including ongoing trauma.

We help people with a variety of back injuries

Many New Jersey residents, especially those who have worked physically demanding jobs, may have one of several types of back injuries that make it difficult or impossible to stay in the work force. These residents may require financial support to cover some of their lost wages simply so they can feed themselves and otherwise make ends meet.

Statistics paint story about why disability claims are rising

A recent report analyzing data of exactly who is own Social Security disability and in what parts of the country paint a picture that, among other things, calls in to question any rumor that the reason so many more people are drawing SSD benefits is rampant fraud and waste in the system.

Are there drawbacks to disability discharge from student loans?

A recent post discussed how some people who have been found to be disabled and thus entitled to benefits administered via the Social Security Administration can also receive a total and permanent disability discharge from their outstanding student loans.

Student loan forgiveness benefit of SSD

In and of themselves, the benefits offered to sick or injured Newark, New Jersey, residents via the Social Security Disability programs can be a lifeline for those who need the extra income to support themselves while they are unable to work. However, in addition to the SSD benefits themselves, a finding of disability can provide other opportunities to New Jersey who, through no fault of their own, cannot gainfully support themselves.

How we help Newark residents with disability appeals

As has been stated in several previous posts on this blog, many people in Newark, New Jersey, with disability have probably been denied social security at least once, even if they in actuality have a good claim for benefits. These people may not now exactly how to proceed after an adverse decision and thus simply do nothing or try to file another application.

GoFundMe gift costs woman Social Security payments

A woman for whom people started a Go Fund Me page so they can send her to a professional baseball game is now trying to wrangle with the Social Security Administration over her monthly disability checks. Her story might serve as an important reminder to Newark, New Jersey, residents who are receiving disability payments.

Whiplash is sometimes a disabling neck injury

Many people in Newark have had their lives affected by a neck injury. Neck injuries can run the gamut between being a minor inconvenience and a severely incapacitating event. Neck-injury sufferers may find that they are not able to work due to the negative effects of their injury. This blog post will provide a quick rundown of whiplash, a common form of neck injury that can have lasting effects.

Who could be eligible for SSI benefits?

Most people in New Jersey have probably heard of the Supplemental Security Income program administered by the Social Security Administration. Not everyone knows a lot about it, however. This blog post will provide an introduction to SSI for the curious and for those who think they may be eligible for it.

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