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We can help with SSD claims for anxiety attacks

Although it may seem at the end of an election cycle that everyone in New Jersey is experiencing some degree of anxiety, those who actually suffer from anxiety attacks or other anxiety disorders in fact have to live with their feelings of worry and panic on a daily basis.

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, some of which are acute, and others that are more chronic in nature. For example, those who suffer from panic attacks may physically be "fine" most of the time. However, a panic attack itself is a nightmarish experience. Moreover, since one can happen without warning, a person has to plan his or her life around the possibility of the next panic attack. This can make daily functioning difficult or even impossible.

While the Social Security Administration recognizes frequent anxiety attacks and other anxiety disorders as potentially disabling conditions, that does not mean a person suffering from one of these conditions automatically gets benefits. In this respect, our law office helps our clients with anxiety disorders document their case properly.

Generally speaking, a person will need to document symptoms over the course of six months and will also need to show that the condition does not just go away through therapy and medication. In this case, we know what questions to ask and what information to obtain; one of our attorneys has in fact been asking these types of questions since 1985, when he started handling disability claims.

Trying to file a disability claim can only add to the worries of a person who already has an anxiety disorder. Our law office can at least with the anxiety of having to file and pursue a necessary disability claim on one's own.

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