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Don't make one of these errors after a denial

Many residents of Newark, New Jersey, who are suffering with one or more medical conditions may have decided to file for Social Security Disability benefits without the help of a Social Security attorney or other representative. Statistically speaking, many if not most of these people may have wound up with a denied claim.

These New Jersey residents, who likely need the financial help disability benefits offer, need to remember three common mistakes people make when faced with a denied claim, and particularly when they are not familiar with the way the Social Security disability system works.

For one, a person should not hesitate to appeal an adverse decision, believing that someone the denial is really the Social Security Administration's definitive statement on the matter and that appeals are difficult and futile. While appeals require appropriate preparation and can be complicated, 60 percent of applicants wind up succeeding at some point in the appeal process. Still, once a person is schedule for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, he or she should consider having the assistance of an attorney or other authorized representative.

On a related note, an applicant who has been denied benefits should think long and hard about simply filing a new application for benefits. Although this may be the right technique in a few cases, this tactic is generally a waste of time, as the initial review of the new application will likely end with the same result. Filing again is often like going back to the start of a game or project without any prospect of things going better.

Also, those who do intend to appeal an adverse decision need to be aware of the deadlines for submitting an appeal. The deadlines are strict, and missing one could mean filing a new claim for disability is the only viable option, albeit not necessarily a good one.

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