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November 2016 Archives

Don't make one of these errors after a denial

Many residents of Newark, New Jersey, who are suffering with one or more medical conditions may have decided to file for Social Security Disability benefits without the help of a Social Security attorney or other representative. Statistically speaking, many if not most of these people may have wound up with a denied claim.

Applying the grid rules to help your case

A recent post on this blog discussed the Social Security Administration's use of grid rules in order to determine whether a New Jersey resident is disabled. Basically, the grid rules are a set of requirements that together work as a rubric for the Administration and Administrative Law Judges who must make an objective decision about whether a person is disabled or not.

Social Security benefits for the hearing impaired

Although being blind is often mentioned as one of the many medical conditions that can qualify a person for disability, some of our Newark, New Jersey, readers, particularly those who are hard of hearing, may have wondered whether disability benefits are available to those who are completely deaf or have profound hearing impairments.

New things on the horizon for SSD in 2017

There are several changes happening in the Social Security system starting at the first of the year. Although many of these changes apply to retirement benefits, Newark, New Jersey, residents who are suffering from a disability should pay careful attention as well, as some of these changes also affect Social Security Disability benefits.

The different types of anxiety disorders

A recent post on this blog mentioned how a resident of Newark, New Jersey, who suffers from ongoing panic attacks may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. However, New Jersey residents should bear in mind that panic attacks are just one type of mental illness disability related to anxiety. There are several other types of anxiety-related mental illnesses that may qualify a person for disability benefits.

We can help with SSD claims for anxiety attacks

Although it may seem at the end of an election cycle that everyone in New Jersey is experiencing some degree of anxiety, those who actually suffer from anxiety attacks or other anxiety disorders in fact have to live with their feelings of worry and panic on a daily basis.

Can my Social Security check be garnished?

Many residents of Newark who are considering filing for disability may wonder how much of their monthly paycheck they will actually be able to keep, particularly if they owe child support or some other debt to another party. Although Social Security checks cannot be garnished to pay any type of debt, the payments can be applied to child support and other debts that enjoy a special status in the legal world.

The Social Security Administration's grid rules

It is important for people in Newark, New Jersey, particularly those who have suffered an injury that has led to one or more disabling conditions that leave them with an inability to work, to recognize that the Administration's decision about whether they are disabled is not purely a matter of subjective opinion.

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