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How does a doctor diagnose multiple sclerosis?

Although many residents of Newark, New Jersey, may have heard about multiple sclerosis (sometimes referred to as "MS), some may not understand exactly what it is and how it gets diagnosed. Multiple sclerosis in a sense is a disease still shrouded in mystery, as there is no one test that can confirm or deny whether a person has it.

The end result of multiple sclerosis is extensive and permanent nerve demyelination. "Demyelination" is, basically speaking, damage to one's nerves which cause the nerve not to transmit signals from the brain properly, meaning the affected body parts will show a limited ability or complete inability to move. Therefore, the first thing a doctor is going to look for in a possible case of MS is evidence of nerve damage.

Once a doctor finds nerve damage, the inquiry cannot simply end there. Lots of different illnesses and injuries can cause either temporary or permanent nerve damage. Of those conditions that are permanent, some like MS are progressive, while others are self-contained. Because treatment will obviously depend heavily on what condition a person is suffering from, a doctor will have to take the time to rule out other possibilities before diagnosing a person with multiple sclerosis.

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can come as devastating news for a family, particularly if the patient is the family's breadwinner. Because the condition is progressive and debilitating, a person who has MS may find that he or she is completely disabled and simply unable to continue working. In such a situation, a person may be able to obtain Social Security disability benefits in order to supplement their income.

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