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October 2016 Archives

Report finds SSI benefits paid to deceased people

A recent report prepared by the Office of the Inspector General concluded that over $165 million in SSI benefits to people who were no longer living. The report also concluded that other SSI benefits were paid to people who were out of the country or otherwise not eligible to receive benefits.

Assistance when navigating the Social Security Benefits process

A relatively recent post on this blog discussed whether a Newark, New Jersey, resident struggling against a drug or alcohol addiction could obtain Social Security Disability benefits, assuming that person had a separate mental disorder or other qualifying disability.

How is a cost-of-living adjustment calculated?

As was reported in the most recent post, Newark, New Jersey, recipients of SSI benefits may see a very modest increase in their monthly benefit, as the Social Security Administration has determined it must apply a cost-of-living adjustment of less than 1 percent for 2017.

Minimal increase in SSI benefits announced

The Social Security Administration will announce a minimal hike in Social Security benefits for the upcoming year, a move that will affect New Jersey residents receiving Supplemental Security Income as well as other Social Security disability payments. Although this is better than no increase at all, as was the case last year, it has left some recipients worried about continuing to be able to make ends meet.

Disability benefits for multiple sclerosis

As has been mentioned recently, multiple sclerosis is a disease that attacks the central nervous system, affecting the way different parts of the body receive signals from the brain. There is no known cure for multiple sclerosis, and it will progressively limit a New Jersey resident's ability to perform basic life functions.

How does a doctor diagnose multiple sclerosis?

Although many residents of Newark, New Jersey, may have heard about multiple sclerosis (sometimes referred to as "MS), some may not understand exactly what it is and how it gets diagnosed. Multiple sclerosis in a sense is a disease still shrouded in mystery, as there is no one test that can confirm or deny whether a person has it.

Less than half of disabled New Jersey residents find work

Although many New Jersey residents who are drawing SSD benefits legitimately want to find meaningful employment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do so. The trend both throughout the United States and the developed world is that people suffering with a disability have a hard time ever getting back to work for a variety of reasons.

Social Security assistance for 'Wounded Warriors'

One of the recent posts on this blog discussed the Social Security Administration's "Wounded Warrior" program, a program that allows many New Jersey soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty an opportunity to have their request for Social Security disability benefits reviewed on an expedited basis. A solider who is eligible for this program still has to qualify for benefits in the same as any other New Jersey resident.

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