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What happens if I don't report changes to the SSA?

As this blog has discussed previously, a New Jersey resident who is receiving SSD benefits has an ongoing obligation to report certain changes to the Social Security Administration. Lest any Newark resident think that this obligation is not a big deal, the Administration imposes several possible consequences on those who do not report or who give inaccurate information.

People should also remember that a failure to report is a separate issue from whether a person is eligible for disability in the first place. Upon receiving information that a person on disability did not report, the Administration could simply determine that the person is no longer eligible for SSD benefits at all.

Additionally, the Administration can impose a penalty for providing false information by suspending the benefits for a time. For the first offense, the suspension lasts 6 months. Subsequent offenses are punished more severely with longer suspensions, although for many New Jersey residents, even a six-month suspension can ruin a person's finances.

Furthermore, if the Administration determines that because it paid out too much to a person because that person did not properly report, the Administration can and often will demand the amount of the overpayment back. New Jersey residents should also remember that, in egregious cases, federal criminal charges are possible.

As a reminder to our readers, those who are on disability have an obligation to report income changes, improvements in their medical conditions and employment, even if that employment is sporadic and part-time. People also need to report whether or not they are receiving disability benefits either through another federal agency or a state government. There are other reporting obligations as well.

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