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Special Administration rule helps some amputees

While a recent post on this blog discussed how an amputee could not obtain the disability benefits she wanted, it is important for amputees in Newark, New Jersey, to remember that, in that case, the person received a denial based on her work history, not because the Social Security Administration honestly thought she did not meet the federal requirements for establishing a disability.

Being an amputee in fact carries with it certain privileges when it comes to applying for disability benefits, which is only fair given the other daily struggles people have to undergo when they have lost one or more of their limbs.

In fact, for some amputees, specifically those who have lost a leg up to the hip, the Social Security Administration may be willing to make a disability finding even without looking through medical evidence. Even though amputees may still have to go through the process of obtaining medical documentation, one can see how it might be easier to convince the Administration in the case of an amputee that needs disability benefits as opposed to other cases involving less obvious physiological issues.

Although the disability application process is never an easy road to walk, it is a good thing that, for some amputees, the road might be just a little bit easier. After all, many New Jersey residents who suffer from a severe accident injury may be left without an arm or a leg and therefore unable to work in their profession. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, workers' compensation may or may not provide aid, so it could be essential that a person who has lost a limb get necessary disability benefits as soon as possible.

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