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September 2016 Archives

The SSA's 'Wounded Warrior' program

Like anyone other eligible person who has suffered a disabling injury, a New Jersey soldier who can no longer work because of an injury he or she suffered while on duty has the option of applying for Social Security disability benefits. Soldiers should note that these benefits are different from those available via the Department of Veterans Affairs.

What happens if I don't report changes to the SSA?

As this blog has discussed previously, a New Jersey resident who is receiving SSD benefits has an ongoing obligation to report certain changes to the Social Security Administration. Lest any Newark resident think that this obligation is not a big deal, the Administration imposes several possible consequences on those who do not report or who give inaccurate information.

Will I be allowed to draw disability if I have a drug addiction?

New Jersey residents who have struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction know how difficult it can be to overcome. Far from simply being a matter of making the necessary effort to break a bad habit, getting the upper hand over an addiction can takes years of hard emotional and even physical work.

Disability options available for amputees

As a recent post on this blog discussed, many if not most New Jersey residents who have lost a limb because of an illness or injury will still have to go through the process of establishing by medical documentation that they have a qualifying "disability" under the regulations set out by the Social Security Administration.

Why is the number of people receiving SSD benefits rising?

This Newark, New Jersey, Social Security blog has reported previously that the number of people receiving SSD benefits is increasing. Although the theories as to why this is the case, one report suggests that it has to do with broader eligibility requirements, requirements that have been in effect since the 1980s.

3 evidentiary requirement tips for your SSD application

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is a difficult process. In addition to filing out a number of forms and attempting to correctly answer complex questions, evidence of your disability is also required. Those who are navigating through this process can benefit from having a basic understanding of some of the evidentiary requirements.

Special Administration rule helps some amputees

While a recent post on this blog discussed how an amputee could not obtain the disability benefits she wanted, it is important for amputees in Newark, New Jersey, to remember that, in that case, the person received a denial based on her work history, not because the Social Security Administration honestly thought she did not meet the federal requirements for establishing a disability.

Amputee denied disability for want of work history

As this blog has mentioned on several occasions, Newark, New Jersey, residents need to be aware that simply demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Social Security Administration that they have a disability does not mean that these residents will get a dime of benefits. For example, depending on whether a person applies for SSI benefits or SSDI benefits, a person may have to show that he or she has paid enough in to the system in order to draw disability.

Social Security helps people with intellectual disabilities

A recent post here discussed how those New Jersey residents who suffer from some degree of intellectual disability can often avail themselves of Social Security Disability benefits in order to help them provide for their basic needs. Of course, in many cases, people with an intellectual disability may need to have a guardian or other legal representative file for disability on their behalf.

Disability benefits for mental health conditions

Readers who are familiar with previous posts here may know that New Jersey residents who are suffering from mental illnesses may qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits. For example, some people in New Jersey suffer from low intellectual functioning or care for a loved one who deals with this issue. Disability coverage for mental health issues is available for these people even though they are not experiencing a "mental illness," strictly speaking. Instead, these people were either born with the condition or at some point experienced trauma or a serious illness that caused it.

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