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Periodic re-evaluations for SSD benefits

Although this blog has discussed how a Newark, New Jersey, resident who is unable to work because of one or more medical conditions can start drawing SSD benefits, there has been less discussion devoted to what happens after someone starts getting paid a monthly check.

A person who is on disability has an ongoing obligation to keep the Social Security Administration apprised of that person's condition. For example, if the person is able to return to work, then he or she needs to let the Administration know.

Depending on how likely it is that a person who is disabled will recover enough to return to work, the Administration also will conduct its own medical review anywhere between six months and seven years after a person starts getting disability. During the medical review, in addition to conducting their own re-evaluation, representatives of the Social Security Administration will also ask the recipient to supply additional information so that the Administration can get up-to-date medical records and reports. The Administration will inquiry about whether the recipient has been trying to do work.

Following the review, the Administration may either decide to do nothing or may make the decision that a person is no longer legally disabled and therefore is no longer entitled to benefits. Should the Administration decide to change or discontinue benefits, then the person will have the usually opportunities to appeal the decision.

Although routine and expected, for those who rely on SSD benefits to maintain a minimal standard of living, medical reviews can be just as important and just as stressful as the application process itself.

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