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Navigating denied benefits under an ERISA plan

Las week's post on this blog discussed information about private disability plans that are subject to the federal law called "ERISA." As that post mentioned, the employers of New Jersey residents have sold, or given, long-term disability plans to the residents in case they get sick or injure themselves and are thus no longer able to work.

These plans are supposed to provide a stream of income to a Newark employee with a disability, much like federal Social Security disability benefits. However, these plans are administered by private insurance companies, each of which having their own standards for granting or denying applications for benefits. It can be very frustrating when one of these companies acts reluctant to give benefits upon which a disabled worker was counting.

In addition to handling Social Security disability cases, our law office also assists New Jersey residents with their claims under private long-term disability plan that exist under auspices of ERISA. We can help with all stages of a person's ERISA claim, from the filing of an initial claim with the insurance company administering the benefits to giving supporting documentation should a company deny a claim. If all else fails, we are also willing and able to file a federal lawsuit and argue the suit through trial.

Private disability insurance can be an important and even essential part of a New Jersey resident's emergency plan in the event of a debilitating illness or injury. When these benefits get denied unexpectedly, a resident may need a skilled and experienced legal team to help them resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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