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Disability benefits for brachial plexus injuries

Although this blog has talked extensively about the Social Security Disability benefits available to New Jersey residents who suffer from a back injury, it is important to remember that many different types of permanent injuries can leave a person unable to work or even properly function in daily life. These New Jersey residents may also qualify for disability benefits.

Another category of injuries that the Social Security Administration has recognized is brachial plexus injuries. A brachial plexus injury is the fancy name for an injury to a network of nerves that control the movements of much of the upper body, including the hands, the arms and the shoulders.

Most brachial plexus injuries are birth injuries that happen when a child has to be manipulated out of the womb because of the infant's child. In the worst cases, these types of injuries leave the child with permanent nerve damage that can cause pain and loss of movement and sensation. Erb's palsy is one type of brachial plexus injury.

As this blog has discussed previously, a child who is not old enough to work may still qualify for SSI benefits, which can be helpful to a New Jersey family struggling to provide for a child with a permanent disability. Moreover, not all brachial plexus injuries are related to childbirth. Car accidents and sporting activities can also lead to brachial plexus injuries.

As the Social Security disability system is generally "no fault," a person who has suffered an accident injury, including a brachial plexus injury, while driving or playing sports still may be able to collect disability benefits if he or she otherwise qualifies for them.

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