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August 2016 Archives

What should I bring to my disability interview?

Although much of the process of applying for SSD benefits is done over the internet, there are still some New Jersey residents who, for whatever reason, will be requested to come in to a local office of the Social Security Administration and have an application interview. The interviews are important because they help the Social Security Administration determine whether a New Jersey resident meets the requirements for disability.

Navigating denied benefits under an ERISA plan

Las week's post on this blog discussed information about private disability plans that are subject to the federal law called "ERISA." As that post mentioned, the employers of New Jersey residents have sold, or given, long-term disability plans to the residents in case they get sick or injure themselves and are thus no longer able to work.

What you need to know about ERISA

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sets standards that can help protect people who have retirement plans through companies in the private sector. While not everyone needs to use ERISA or even gives it much thought, anyone who end up with a disability or injury that would require them to use their long-term disability insurance may need the benefits that ERISA offers. Because ERISA requires accountability, it can also mean that an employer will need to be more clear about the kinds of plans being offered and what those plans offer, so employees can make the right retirement choices during their working years.

Disability benefits for brachial plexus injuries

Although this blog has talked extensively about the Social Security Disability benefits available to New Jersey residents who suffer from a back injury, it is important to remember that many different types of permanent injuries can leave a person unable to work or even properly function in daily life. These New Jersey residents may also qualify for disability benefits.

SSA suggests austerity measures possible if bill passes

Spokespeople for the Social Security Administration have claimed that if an appropriations measure making its way through Congress passes, the Administration will be forced to temporarily lay off employees and stop new hiring. Local branch offices may also have to temporarily close.

How do you qualify for a spouse's SSD benefits?

It is clear that those suffering from a disabling injury or illness are eligible to apply for Social Security benefits, but what about family members? Family members often experience the same financial struggles that a disabled child or spouse does, but is it possible to gain any Social Security disability or SSD benefits when an individual has never worked under social security? In some cases, it is possible for a spouse to enjoy some level of benefits.

Helping you apply for SSI benefits

No matter how much we plan and prepare for in life, the unexpected is likely to occur. In some cases, these are good and fortunate experiences; however, this is unfortunately not always the case. Individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere might suffer serious injuries. These injuries could be so severe, disabling him or her temporarily or for a lifetime. Such an event leaves the injured and their loved ones with many questions. How will this impact them financially and will they be able to return to work?

Innovative program may be game changer for the disabled

As this blog has discussed previously, simply being able to prove that one cannot work is not enough to guarantee that a Newark, New Jersey, resident will get disability benefits. In some situations, disabled individuals must rely on the SSI program, as these individuals may never have had the opportunity to develop a work history and thus are otherwise unable to get benefits.

Periodic re-evaluations for SSD benefits

Although this blog has discussed how a Newark, New Jersey, resident who is unable to work because of one or more medical conditions can start drawing SSD benefits, there has been less discussion devoted to what happens after someone starts getting paid a monthly check.

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