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What if my doctor won't support my disability claim?

When you apply for disability, you will need to submit paperwork from your doctor corroborating your claims. In some cases, physicians may be reluctant to complete the paperwork, even though your claim cannot move forward without it. What options do you have if your doctor will not fill out disability paperwork?

Reasons Your Doctor Won't Complete Paperwork

There are many reasons that doctors do not complete disability paperwork. Your doctor may be very busy, and unwilling to complete paperwork due to lack of time. Your doctor may not believe that you have a disability, or may have personal feelings about disability benefits. Finally, your doctor may get nervous that they will need to testify in front of a panel, or their professionalism will be called into question if your claim is denied.

If your doctor tells you that they won't complete the paperwork, ask why. In many cases, showing your doctor how brief the forms are can break down resistance.

While it can be beneficial to see another doctor who understands how disability works, so-called "doctor shopping" until you find a sympathetic doctor can look bad. Social Security may view your claim negatively and suspect you do not need benefits.

Tips For Getting A Claim Approved

If your doctor will not complete the paperwork, you can still move forward with your claim by finding a sympathetic doctor or convincing your doctor. With either of these options, it can help you to speak with a lawyer about your situation.

A disability attorney often has working relationships with local doctors who know how the process works. They can recommend a doctor who will complete the paperwork, and advise you on what records to get from your current doctor. By working with an attorney, you can avoid the "doctor shopping" behavior that may look suspicious to Social Security. A lawyer can also document reasons why your doctor would not complete the paperwork. Given that some physicians flat-out refuse to work with patients who have paperwork, there are legitimate reasons to switch providers.

Yet, if you have a doctor who has seen you for years, getting their opinion can greatly help your case. An attorney can also coach you on ways to convince a reluctant doctor to complete the forms so you can get the help you need.

If you are faced with this situation, it is important that you speak with a lawyer about your disability claim. A qualified disability attorney can review your claim, make sure you've provided all information, and position your case for success. If you want to receive disability benefits quickly, then working with a lawyer is key.

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