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We can help people suffering from repetitive stress injuries

Several recent posts on this blog have discussed repetitive stress injuries. While these injuries can leave a New Jersey resident unable to work, it can be a challenge for that person to prove that he or she is entitled to disability benefits simply because it is not an open and obvious injury that occurs at one definite time.

However, New Jersey residents who suffer from these types of injuries, whether it is a work-related injury or otherwise, should not simply give up any hope of drawing the disability benefits that they may well need to meet their basic needs. Our law office has successfully represented many New Jersey residents who were seeking disability benefits for a variety of injuries, including injuries that are not the easiest to prove and document.

As one of the many services we offer to the clients that we represent, our attorneys and staff know how to document and establish injuries, like repetitive stress injuries, to show the Social Security Administration that they are indeed preventing a person from being able to pursue gainful employment. While we of course do not tell medical professionals to write something down that is not true, we can give them ideas about what sort of information the Administration is looking for when making a disability determination.

Furthermore, if additional tests or documentation is helpful to a person's case, we assist our clients with obtaining this documentation. For instance, in the case of repetitive stress injuries, a detailed history of the applicant's health is vitally important. On the flip side of the same coin, we can also help the Administration understand why certain evidence, like an MRI, is not likely to be present when dealing with a repetitive stress injury.

Our website has more information about our firm and about how we help people with their Social Security Disability cases.

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