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Different types of depression

Although some New Jersey residents suffering from it might want to dismiss it as a just "feeling down" or not a big deal, depression, specifically major depression, in fact is the most common cause of disability among younger people, that is, those between 15 and 44 years old. The mental illness typically affects women more often than it does men.

On the whole, different types of depression affect a little bit fewer than 10 percent of the American population, with major depression affecting almost 7 percent of the population. No one knows the exact cause of depression, although research that a number of contributing factors can be in play.

The most significant type of depression, and the most likely to be debilitating, is called "major depression." Experts describe it as a disturbance in mood that last for more than two weeks. It usually can affect a person's behavior and even ability to function significantly.

Other types of depression include dysthymia, which could be described as a consistent and long-term feeling slightly down, although it does not in and of itself alter a person's mood to the same degree as major depression. Still, a New Jersey resident suffering from dysthymia is more prone to bouts of debilitating major depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and other adjustment orders, unlike other types of depression, can be traced to a specific cause, like the dark days of winter or an ongoing stressor in a person's life. Similarly, new moms can also experience post-partum depression.

Although perhaps not "depression" strictly speaking, those suffering from bipolar disorder alternate between feeling very depressed and very high energy, or "manic."

So long as the criteria established by the Social Security Administration are met, any one of these types of depression can lead to a New Jersey resident being able to receive mental illness coverage via monthly Social Security payments.

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