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Democrats vow no cuts to SSI benefits in platform

The Democratic party has in its platform formalized the unofficial commitment that many of its leaders have already made not to cut SSI or other Social Security benefits, including those available for disabled residents of Newark, New Jersey.

Although the platform will not officially be adopted by the Democrats until their national convention later this month, it seems pretty clear that their plan as a party for right now will be to oppose changes to the program that might spell fewer benefits for those who are receiving Social Security. Some party leaders even believe that it is time to grow the programs that Social Security offers in order to reach more people.

While the Democrats in their platform recognized that the program still faces a funding crunch in the relative near term, the party believes that it can preserve the program's solvency. One proposal for doing this would involve taxing certain people with higher incomes.

Readers of this blog should remember that a party's platform, whether Democrat or Republican, is only a statement of ideals held by that party. It does not necessarily translate in to an actual policy change. Still, the recent news serves as a reminder to Newark residents that, because Social Security is a creature of the federal law, election cycles are likely to influence how it works. People should keep an eye on any developments.

Furthermore, those filing for disability should remember that because of ongoing law changes, Social Security benefits can be a hard topic for a person who does not pay attention to the law on a regular basis. The expert knowledge of an experienced New Jersey Social Security attorney may be beneficial in this respect.

Source: Benefits Pro, "Democratic party shifting left on Social Security reform," Nick Thornton, July 8, 2016.

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