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July 2016 Archives

Can I get both SSD benefits and worker's compensation?

Not surprisingly, many serious injuries that leave New Jersey residents disabled and unable to pursue employment actually happen at the workplace. To more or less of a degree, all places of employment have some dangers, and a Newark citizen who goes to work always has some risk of returning home seriously and permanently injured.

Should I take my disability case to federal court?

As this blog has reported previously, it is not uncommon for a Newark, New Jersey, resident's claim for SSD benefits to be denied, perhaps even at several stages in the process. Unfortunately, some people do reach the end of their appeal options through the Social Security Administration.

What if my doctor won't support my disability claim?

When you apply for disability, you will need to submit paperwork from your doctor corroborating your claims. In some cases, physicians may be reluctant to complete the paperwork, even though your claim cannot move forward without it. What options do you have if your doctor will not fill out disability paperwork?

New research suggests physical cause to PTSD

Although not conclusive, recent research suggests that some post traumatic stress disorder and, potentially, other mental illnesses may be linked to a minute brain injury that may, initially, be undetectable.

We can help people with depression get benefits

A resident of Newark, New Jersey, suffering from a severe emotional illness, including one of the different types of depression, often will not be able to perform the basic tasks of life, much less go to work. Along similar lines, this person will likely not be able to gather up the emotional strength it takes to fill out an application for disability benefits, much less navigate through what is often an exhausting and intensive appeals process.

Democrats vow no cuts to SSI benefits in platform

The Democratic party has in its platform formalized the unofficial commitment that many of its leaders have already made not to cut SSI or other Social Security benefits, including those available for disabled residents of Newark, New Jersey.

What to do if your Social Security Disability claim is denied

More often than not, an SSD (Social Security Disability) claim goes through a denial than an approval during its initial processing. It happens at such a common level; the measurement is approximately one-third of every claim receive approval. That doesn't mean the other two-thirds of the claims receiving a denial have no recourse. On the contrary, these claims may be able to file an appeal and seek the help of an attorney to assist them.

Recent statistics on the SSI benefits program

As previous posts on this blog have discussed Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, differs in important respects from Social Security Disability Income, or SSDI. Basically, most New Jersey residents who are "disabled," as that term is defined by the Social Security Administration, can draw SSDI benefits based on how much they have worked and thereby put in to the system. Although not a perfect analogy, one can think of SSDI as a necessary early withdrawal from a retirement fund should a person become unable to work.

Different types of depression

Although some New Jersey residents suffering from it might want to dismiss it as a just "feeling down" or not a big deal, depression, specifically major depression, in fact is the most common cause of disability among younger people, that is, those between 15 and 44 years old. The mental illness typically affects women more often than it does men.

We can help people suffering from repetitive stress injuries

Several recent posts on this blog have discussed repetitive stress injuries. While these injuries can leave a New Jersey resident unable to work, it can be a challenge for that person to prove that he or she is entitled to disability benefits simply because it is not an open and obvious injury that occurs at one definite time.

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