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We can help disabled fibromyalgia victims get help

A recent post on this blog discussed fibromyalgia and how it can sometimes leave a Newark resident disabled and unable to work in either a former job or even in a similar line of work. As that post mentioned, fibromyalgia is a mysterious illness that might not manifest itself with visible symptoms; however, people who experience this illness can have to endure severe pain and other serious symptoms that can make it a challenge even to get out of bed.

Nevertheless, it can prove difficult to convince the Social Security Administration to award disability benefits for fibromyalgia simply because locating concrete medical evidence, other than the applicant's own description of the pain, is difficult. But, at Abromson & Carey, we has successfully represented New Jersey residents with their Social Security Disability claims related to fibromyalgia.

As with other types of disability claims, the key is putting together a package of documentation that shows that the person seeking disability does indeed have fibromyalgia and is not able to perform meaningful work on account of it. Our office has over 27 years' experience handling cases like these, and we draw on that experience to know exactly what evidence would be most likely to persuade the Social Security Administration.

A person with fibromyalgia often will experience debilitating symptoms but will not find it easy to document those symptoms because they are hard to detect. However, our law office will fight hard to gather the evidence necessary to make the best case possible that disability benefits should be awarded. Our firm's website has some background information about Social Security law and about how we approach these kinds of cases.

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