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Other types of repetitive stress injuries

Many Newark residents have probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects the wrist and can make it very hard for a person to continue using their hands easily and, on account of that, be able to keep working.

However, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of many medical conditions that doctors classify as repetitive stress injuries. For example, the medical condition bursitis involves swelling in the elbows, knees or shoulders. Each of these joints has a sac of fluid around it, and under repetitive stress, this sac can swell, causing a condition like "beat knee."

Another condition that can be caused by awkward repetitive motion is Dupuytren's contracture, which leads to swelling of the hand itself, as opposed to a wrist. Some New Jersey residents may have experienced a mild form of this condition when playing a video game.

In addition to soft tissue and fluid sacs, repetitive stress can also affect tendons and muscles themselves. For example, rotator cuff syndrome can develop with repetitive strain on one's shoulder, leading to swelling and pain. Tendons and other parts of the body can also experience swelling.

The bottom line is that repetitive stress can impact any part of the body, sometimes seriously. Whether it is a work-related injury or another type of repetitive stress injury, any one of these conditions can leave a New Jersey resident unable to work. People who are suffering from a repetitive stress injury may be able to receive disability payments from the Social Security Administration. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help with all phases of the benefits process.

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