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Current statistics about SSD benefits

Current statistics suggest that, in many ways, it has gotten easier for residents of Newark, New Jersey, to obtain SSD benefits when they are suffering from a physical or mental condition that keeps them from working.

The number of people in disability on the country has skyrocketed from 1.5 million in 1970 to 9 million as of 2013. Lest one think that this is merely a result of population growth, the percentage of workers receiving disability has also increased, to 5.5 percent three years ago from 1.6 percent in 1970. While this increase can be attributed in part to aging and a tough job market, the requirements for obtaining SSD benefits have gotten less restrictive over time.

Interestingly, debilitating problems with muscles, nerves, etc., especially in the back and neck, have become a lot more common, shooting up by 65 percent within the last 20 years. Again, this may be attributable to more liberal laws about what constitutes a disability.

How common it is for a person to be on disability also depends on where one lives. The people of the South seem to be most likely to need disability at some point in their lives.

Why people seek help from the Social Security program varies widely from state to state. States close to New Jersey tend to have a higher rate of debilitating mental illnesses, while in the South, heart and blood problems are more common grounds for disability.

One thing that is constant throughout the country is that most people who are on disability live either in poverty or in near-poverty.

While the uptick in the number of people on disability may have multiple explanations, it does appear that, to some extent, it is easier for a New Jersey resident who is ill or injured to get the benefits that he or she may well need in order to support his or her family.

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