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June 2016 Archives

Health of disability fund looks good for the next few years

Thanks to last year's Congressional action, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund, which serves to cover SSD benefits paid out by the Social Security Administration, will remain fully solvent until 2023. Until that time, the fund will be able to cover all disability benefits that are owed.

Medical evidence and documentation for Social Security Disability benefits

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits, chances are life hasn't exactly been easy. For many even admitting to themselves that they need the benefits is difficult in itself, but on top of that you'll need to pass a strict approval process from the Social Security Administration designed largely to prevent paying benefits to those who might make fraudulent claims. Because of this, it can be difficult to receive an approval for benefits.

Other types of repetitive stress injuries

Many Newark residents have probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects the wrist and can make it very hard for a person to continue using their hands easily and, on account of that, be able to keep working.

How is a repetitive stress injury diagnosed?

Repetitive stress injuries, including conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, can be debilitating. However, despite a New Jersey resident's inability to work on account of a repetitive stress injury, it may be hard for that person to convince the Social Security Administration that he or she qualifies for disability benefits.

We can help disabled fibromyalgia victims get help

A recent post on this blog discussed fibromyalgia and how it can sometimes leave a Newark resident disabled and unable to work in either a former job or even in a similar line of work. As that post mentioned, fibromyalgia is a mysterious illness that might not manifest itself with visible symptoms; however, people who experience this illness can have to endure severe pain and other serious symptoms that can make it a challenge even to get out of bed.

Social Security Administration's customer service on the decline

Because of budget restrictions, the Social Security Administration has been scaling back on the services it offers applicants and recipients both in New Jersey and throughout the rest of the country. These reductions have had an impact on the experience that people throughout the country might have when interacting with the Administration.

The accident was my fault; can I get disability?

Generally speaking, the Social Security disability system is a "no-fault" system. This means that a Newark, New Jersey resident can still claim disability benefits for an accident injury even if he or she shares some or all of the responsibility for the accident.

We can help get disability benefits for an injured or ill child

Many of the recent posts on this blog have discussed how Newark, New Jersey parents can get disability benefits for their child if their child has had the misfortune of suffering either an illness or injury.

What makes a child eligible for disability benefits?

This blog has discussed how Social Security disability is available to Newark, New Jersey, parents whose children are born with physical or mental problems caused by an accidental birth injury. Although these children are obviously going to be unable to work for 16 or so years simply because of their age, that alone does not mean that the family will get a free pass on all the medical expenses and extra care a disabled child requires.

Disability benefits may be available for birth injuries

Even if they do not often think about it, many New Jersey families realize that childbirth is not always a process that is easy for the baby or the mother. Many times, through no fault of anyone, getting a baby out of the womb can be difficult, and several different types of injuries to the newborn can result.

How does the appeals process for SSI benefits work?

This Newark, New Jersey Social Security Disability blog has, on several previous occasions, mentioned that New Jersey residents have the right to, and often have the need to, appeal a decision by the Social Security Administration. Oftentimes, for a variety of reasons, applicants for disability or for Supplemental Security Income are denied benefits when they first apply.

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