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Have private disability insurance? We can help with that too

As many of the readers of this Newark, New Jersey, disability blog already know, the attorneys at the law office of Abromson & Carey have been helping New Jersey residents get SSD benefits when they need them because of a debilitating illness or injury.

However, many people also have what is called private disability insurance. Some employers in New Jersey give, or offer at a low cost, disability insurance to their employees. At other times, individuals, believing it to be a good investment, will purchase their own disability insurance. In both cases, the idea is that this insurance is supposed to provide a stream of income should a person be unable to work for a significant time.

Although it is private insurance, like disability benefits, a person will have to qualify in order to receive payments. What qualifies as a disability, as well how one goes about filing a claim, is usually specified in the insurance policy. Nevertheless, interpreting an insurance policy and filing a disability claim with a private carrier can be a complicated and confusing process.

Our law office has the experience and know how to help a person successfully file a disability claim with his or her private insurer. We can help an injured person compile the necessary paperwork in support of a disability claim. Although we hope that all private claims get approved right away, we can also help with any appeals that are necessary.  The “Practice Areas” section of our website has additional information about the help we offer to people who need to make a private disability claim. 

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