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Basic types of back injuries

Back injuries unfortunately get a bad reputation when it comes to Social Security Disability benefits. There is a common stereotype circulating out there that suggests that any New Jersey resident who claims that he or she cannot work because of a "bad back" is at best exaggerating the injury and at worst faking the whole thing.

While there are, as with any type of government benefit, those dishonest few who will try to game the system, the reality is that vast majority of Newark residents who claim disability because of a back injury really are experiencing debilitating pain.

Back injuries include flagrant injuries like a broken back or paralysis due to spinal cord damage, both injuries that could easily qualify a person for disability. Many times, a simple muscle strain, which can occur even when a person uses appropriate lifting techniques, can cause tremendous pain. The strained muscle often will swell, causing irritation of the sensitive nerves in the back. This leads to pain, which in turn leads to more tension in the muscles, which in turn leads to more strain.

Also, the back is made of a series of disks stacked on each other; it is not a single bone. When because of the stress of lifting or other repetitive movement a disk grows weaker, it can slide out of place, resulting in a "herniated" or "ruptured" disk. These disks press on a person's nerves, which then send pain signals, leading to significant or even debilitating discomfort. Oftentimes, people must undergo surgery to correct this condition.

Real back injuries are more than just the aches and pains of life; they can stop a New Jersey resident from being able to maintain a livelihood. Fortunately, disability benefits are available for these people, provided of course that they meet all of the legal requirements.

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