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May 2016 Archives

Have private disability insurance? We can help with that too

As many of the readers of this Newark, New Jersey, disability blog already know, the attorneys at the law office of Abromson & Carey have been helping New Jersey residents get SSD benefits when they need them because of a debilitating illness or injury.

Injured and unable to work in NJ? SSD may be the answer.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may be available to those who are injured and unable to work in New Jersey. In order to determine if you qualify, two broad questions need to be answered: does your work history meet the requirements and do you meet the accepted definition of disabled?

What obligations do I have if I am receiving disability benefits?

A recent post on this blog discussed how, in the near future, recipients of SSD benefits Newark may have to agree not to own or possess a gun as a condition of receiving benefits. That post raises the question as to what ongoing responsibilities a New Jersey resident who is receiving benefits has to the Social Security Administration.

New rule may stop some disability recipients from owning guns

If a new proposed regulation is enacted as it is currently written, many residents of New Jersey who are receiving Social Security benefits for a mental illness disability may not be able to own a gun if they want to keep receiving benefits.

Basic types of back injuries

Back injuries unfortunately get a bad reputation when it comes to Social Security Disability benefits. There is a common stereotype circulating out there that suggests that any New Jersey resident who claims that he or she cannot work because of a "bad back" is at best exaggerating the injury and at worst faking the whole thing.

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