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A recent post on this blog discussed how the Social Security Administration decides whether an injured New Jersey resident is really too hurt to return to work. Despite the stories of people faking or exaggerating injuries, the reality is that it can be hard for an injured Newark resident, however sincere, to prove his or her injuries to the satisfaction of the Administration.

Not only does a person have document with medical evidence that he or she is in fact injured, he or she must also demonstrate that his or her injury prevents him or her from returning either to his or her current career or another related line of work. This is not a matter of simply convincing the Administration that he or she lost his or her current position and will have to find another job.

Our law office has extensive experience with helping injured New Jersey residents get disability benefits that should help them maintain a reasonable standard of living while undergoing long-term care or recovery in general. We can investigate all cases thoroughly and make sure that you have the medical documentation that you need to show that you have an injury that qualifies for disability benefits.

Once we have done that, we can also compile evidence, which can include your own personal story and the testimony of other people like your loved ones, you former bosses and, importantly, medical and other professionals. We can use this evidence to demonstrate that you are not able to return to work and thus are disabled.

Our office cannot guarantee that every case can have a favorable outcome. However, our approach to these cases has helped many New Jersey residents obtain the benefits that they both need and deserve.

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